Urusei Yatsura Glitter & Glamours Lum Figure

569,00 kr

  • Superfin Urusei Yatsura Figur!
  • Fina detaljer!
  • Ca 22 cm hög.
  • Från tillverkaren Banpresto.

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The “Urusei Yatsura Glitter & Glamours Lum Figure” figure is a must-have for fans of the “Urusei Yatsura” series and collectors of high-quality figurines. This figurine stands 22 cm hight and highlights the emblematic character of Lum, an alien with electric charm.
With a size of 22 cm, this figurine is ideal for displaying on a shelf, a desk, or in a window. It faithfully captures Lum’s distinctive features, reflecting its unique design and legendary charm.
The “Glitter & Glamours” series is known for the quality of its figurines, and this piece is no exception. It is made from high quality materials to ensure durability, making it an excellent investment for avid collectors.

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