Facehugger Aliens Replica 1/1

7.895,00 kr

  • Urläcker replika av ikoniska Facehugger varelsen
  • Lyxig samlarfigur från kultfilmen Alien
  • Prel leveranstid februari 2019

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We are proud to present our Officially Licensed Life-Size Replica of the Facehugger from Aliens! The Facehugger represents the second stage in the life cycle of a Xenomorph. Its long tail allows it to rapidly launch itself long distances, and its finger-like legs allow it to run quickly and attach itself to the host. Standing an impressive 28 inches tall, the Facehugger is captured just as it is about to strike its hapless victim, bony “fingers” outstretched and tube like proboscis extended ready for insertion! This stunning Life-Size Replica will make an outstanding addition to any Aliens collection. As with all Hollywood Collectibles pieces this Museum Quality piece is constructed from heavyweight polystone and mixed media and then hand painted to the finest detail.

Upplagan är begränsad till 500 st worldwide!

Beställningsvara ca 1-2 v leveranstid.