Narama Huntress of Men ARH ComiX 1/6 Actionfigur

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  • Detaljerad Narama-staty
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  • Prel leverans maj 2019

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Möt den nyaste medlemmen av ARH ComiX Universe: Narama Huntress of Men ARH ComiX 1/6 Actionfigur. En välgjord PVC-actionfigur på ca 29 cm som levereras med tillbehör och utnytbara delar.

Narama, the Huntress of Men. During the ancient times of mankind, more than 5,000 years ago, the Undying ruled the world.

Among these demonic creatures bred by Arkhalla, the Undying Queen of Ur, there was one with no equal. One who became a legend across these bloodstained lands of Sumer. Narama, the queen’s most powerful weapon, was the strongest Undying ever created by Arkhalla. But deep in her heart, Narama concealed a dark secret she kept hidden for two hundred years. Her love for Bel, the Great Warlord of Ur… and her hatred for her Queen.

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