Boba Fett Helmet Efx Collectibles 1:1 Prop Replica

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  • Ikonisk Star Wars hjälm!
  • Från välkända EFX Colletibles!
  • Range finder med LED.
  • Äkthetsintyg medföljer.

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Ikonisk Boba Fett Helmet Efx Collectibles 1:1 Prop Replica! Som vi har längtat! Prisad vare Boba Fett i molnstaden, och EFX som äntligen gör den!

Despite limited screen time and even less dialogue, Boba Fett has grown to be one of the most iconic characters from the Star Wars saga. With his customized Mandalorian armour, deadly weaponry, and silent demeanour, Boba Fett is a true galactic legend.

EFX are pleased to announce the release of their 1:1 Precision Crafted Replica of Boba Fett’s iconic helmet. As like the screen used helmet the EFX version features a moving range finder which features functional LED’s as well as all the battle scars from previously collected bounty’s!


  • 1:1 Replica
  • Functional LED Range Finder
  • High quality ABS & machined Aluminum construction
  • Master patterns cast from the screen used helmet
  • Certificate of authenticity