Lurtz Hunter of Men LOTR Classic Series Statue 1:6 Scale

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  • Imponerande Lurtz staty!
  • Från Weta Collectibles.
  • Står 36 cm hög.
  • Ca 1-2 veckas leverans.

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Grym Lurtz Lord of the Rings staty i 1/6 skala från Weta!

Among the first of his kind to be pulled from the earth, Lurtz was tall, even for an Uruk. No sooner had he emerged than Saruman bent him to his will, setting the Uruk-hai on their snivelling Orc overseers in a test of loyalty and strength. Without thought or regret the Uruks slew their lesser cousins, binding themselves to the Wizard by marking their flesh and shields with his sigil, the emblem of the white hand. ‘Find the Halflings!’ On the slopes of Amon Hen, the Uruk-hai fell upon the Fellowship, chasing and scattering them among the woods. Defending Merry and Pippin, Boromir of Gondor stood between the hobbits and innumerable foes, cutting down Uruk after Uruk even as Lurtz struck him with arrows from afar. Pierced by many shafts, the warrior at last stumbled to his knees, spent, and resigned to his death before the triumphant Uruk-hai. Savouring the sweet taste of his victory, a leer curled across the toothy mouth of Isengard’s captain, and he raised his bow to send the final dart…

Ca 1-2 veckas leverans.