Wonder Woman Red Son – DC Comics Premium Format Figur

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  • Urläcker Red Son Wonder Woman staty!
  • Premium format på 56 cm.

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Urläcker Wonder Woman Red Son – DC Comics Premium Format Figur

Based on the critically acclaimed Elseworlds mini-series by Mark Millar, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce Wonder Woman Red Son Premium Format™ Figure.

In an alternate reality, Princess Diana of Themyscira leaves her Amazonian paradise to fight for equality in Man’s World, working side by side with Superman, the Comrade of Steel, to increase the Soviet Union’s sphere of influence and ideology across the globe. Expertly sculpted in one quarter scale, the beautiful warrior shows her true colors, dressed in a red and grey costume which ominously reflects the militaristic look of the Cold War era. Sworn to uphold her mantle as an international ambassador of peace, Wonder Woman carries her golden Lasso of Truth and an enormous flag bearing the hammer and sickle – she’s the greatest champion for social justice the world has ever known.

Product Size: 56 cm H x 41 cm W x 26 cm L