Magneto Marvel Fine Art Statue 1/6

6.195,00 kr

  • Grym Magneto staty på 48 cm!
  • Från Kotobukiya.
  • Ca 1-2 veckas leverans.

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Standing over 48 cm tall, this impressive piece is Kotobukiya’s second rendition of Magneto in statue form. Magneto’s muscular form, honed by using his magnetic powers to float in space, makes him look younger than Professor X despite being close in age. The villan is overflowing with rage at mankind for mistreating his fellow mutants, and resignation towards his former friend for refusing to compromise his ideals to change the world.

Befitting of the strongest mutant, the statue’s pose captures Magneto’s might as he can bend anything at his will using his magnetic powers.

Ca 1-2 veckas leverans.