Taco Truck Deadpool Marvel Gallery PVC Statue

849,00 kr

  • Cool Deadpool staty!
  • Från Diamond Select.
  • Står ca 25 cm hög.
  • Prel leverans sept 2024.

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Cool Taco Truck Deadpool Marvel Gallery PVC Statue.

Deadpool returns to the Marvel Gallery line in style! Unfortunately, his ride got trashed along the way, and Deadpool is posed atop a destroyed taco truck base, sporting bunny slippers and wielding twin finger guns with the safeties off! This all-new sculpt spotlighting the softer side of Deadpool stands approximately 25 cm tall and is made of high-quality PVC with collectible-quality paint applications. Packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Cortes Studios!

Prel leverans sept 2024.