DC Comics Premium Format Figure 1/4 Darkseid

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Mäktig DC Comics Premium Format Figure 1/4 Darkseid från Sideshow Collectibles.

Towering over two feet tall, the imposing ruler of the planet Apokolips lords over its war-torn and fiery terrain with an iron fist. As the formidable Omega Sanction burns bright in the eyes of the merciless tyrant, Darkseid seeks the Anti-Life Equation and – in turn – the means to usurp free will from all sentient life in the universe. A being of unparalleled might and immeasurable intelligence, his god-like powers make him not only a threat to our world and its heroes, but to every world within his powerful reach. 

Product Size: 66 cm H x 35 cm W x 50 cm L

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