Jyn Erso – Rogue One Premium Format Figur

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Grymt snygg Jyn Erso – Rogue One Premium Format Figur från Sideshow!

Sideshow’s Jyn Erso Premium Format™ Figure features an incredibly realistic likeness of actress Felicity Jones that captures all of the charisma and personality that has already made her character so endearing. All of her movie-accurate clothing and equipment has been expertly duplicated with amazing attention to detail. The scratched and scarred Blaster Rifle, the contrasting textures of her individually tailored garments, the rusted metal elements and filthy plastic of her respirator equipment, even the tiny buttons, clips and buckles on her gear have been individually sculpted to attain a level of detail that is just astounding!

The statue features a beautifully sculpted and painted movie-inspired platform base, making this Premium Format™ Figure a proud focal point of your new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story collection!

Product Size: 50 x 25 x 28 cm

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