Cave Troll Lord of the Rings Mini Statue

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  • Detaljerad Fell Beast Lord of the Rings Mini Staty!
  • Står ca 16 cm hög.
  • Från Weta Collectibles.
  • Prel leverans feb 2025.

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Superfin och detaljerad Cave Troll Lord of the Rings Mini Statue från Weta Collectibles som gjorde LOTR filmernas rekvisita.

The Cave Troll was the first creature to be designed for the iconic film trilogy, and Weta Workshop sculptor Jamie Beswarick played a key role in its overall design. In those early days, the look and feel of Middle-earth’s inhabitants were still being defined, with artists encouraged to envision not only their appearances but also their habits and histories. This approach aimed to develop a level of authenticity that went beyond the typical fantasy genre.
Consequently, these lumbering giants were endowed with thick hides, three-fingered hands, powerful jaws, and claws suited for digging. It was these defining characteristics that Jamie Beswarick was once again tasked with recreating, this time in miniature form. By capturing the raw strength and ferocity of such a creature, and infusing each detail with untamed wrath and fury, our incredible team has managed to capture the very essence of this behemoth.

Perfectly sized for easy display and ideal for any desktop or bookshelf, this Cave Troll miniature statue would be an excellent addition to your Weta Workshop collection.

– Made primarily from polystone to ensure detail retention;
– Approx 6.2 inches tall;
– Depicts the Cave Troll seen within the Mines of Moria during The Fellowship of the Ring;
– Physically sculpted by Weta Workshop veteran Jamie Beswarick, who also sculpted the design for the original film.

Product size: 10,8 cm x 16 cm x 10,8 cm

Prel leverans feb 2025.